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रंगांधळा किताब  रत्नाकर मतकरी _ Rangandhala by Ratnakar Matkari book book review hindi english

Rangandhala _ Thrilling Mysteries… Ratnakar Matkari experimented with different types of mystery writing. Different concepts were used. Mystery is not a writing genre of wholesale writing; Its ideas should not be stereotyped. They are aware that it needs something new every time. In these stories of Matkar there are unique experiences on a transcendental level. A re-existence of a person after his untimely and accidental death to fulfill his unsatisfied wish or to settle a reckoning or revenge from a previous life may seem quite plausible to the votaries. He has shown his different forms in many stories. In ‘Rangandhala the story of Rangandhala from the beginning is based on the life of a painter. Rangandhala

Ranganath Mahindra is an internationally renowned modern style painter who plays strongly with color. A young science professor who is fascinated by his paintings feels that there is a vibrancy in the colors of his paintings. In the picture, those colors seemed to have an extraordinary brightness. Those colors have some relationship with each other, they understand each other’s language. She realizes that the painter is not just putting colors on the canvas, but he is creating a new harmony of colors. Instead of buildings, trees, water, mountains, his landscape consisted of only colors. I like your pictures but I don’t understand them. I don’t have that vision.’ Then Ranganath tells her a secret of his art. “You are smart. If I tell you something, you will understand it… I always wanted to talk to someone, but I didn’t meet anyone who could understand it. You wanted to say I’m not normal. My eyes are not normal. It has a miraculous vision that others do not have. I see colors. Others are not what they seem. So seen very differently, on a very large scale…. These are moving; are breathing. are alive Colors in the ordinary world are bounded by lines. The colors in my paintings break out of the confines of the lines. I cannot draw pictures of objects bound by lines. The lines blurred and the colors took over. And that’s when my reputation as a modern artist began to grow. Now I am no longer apart from the colors. As a blind man sees darkness, I see a flood of color around me. I see only colors. Lines are minimally visible. Call it a kind of blindness! Not only when taking pictures, but also I can’t see anything but colors. Sometimes happy sometimes scared. What will happen to me? I might be color blind. I love you so much. I am telling you all this because I think I will understand. …Ranganath takes her to a hill for landscape painting. Golden hues dominate the sky at sunset. Look at the shining flame rain, blue golden rain, golden blue… This is life, this is beauty… He says, ‘I walk! Walked towards the colors’ and continues over the edge of the cliff. The next day his body is found in the valley below. Dismembered flesh. The blood splattered red-black stones… …seeing those blood-stained stones in the light, she gets a strange feeling. That dried black blood on the stone is turning red again. She feels a wave of colors flowing with her cash. She falls unconscious. …She hears noises at night. Are you listening? It is dark here. I’m choking on it. I want colors. ‘I will see color in your eyes now…. We have a relationship. Let me see color. From your eyes..’ she screams in fear, ‘no no… we have no relation. don’t you come Don’t come back from the darkness.’ …but she misses, he has come into her sight. Next day she goes to college. She feels colors everywhere. Even though she wears goggles, the colors are crowded. I have come. This noise keeps coming. He won’t go now. He will remain in our eyes forever. We will become color blind and have to spend our whole life as a slave to color. She goes to the college lab. Drops acid in the eyes with all the courage. Her sight goes. Away from those waves of colors. She finds happiness in perpetual darkness. She says, ‘Ranganath’s soul may be throbbing in this darkness, but the doors of my eyes have been closed to him.’ Now, as readers, we feel that her story has reached a dead end. But no. This story does not end here. Seeing this blind, bespectacled young woman at a party, some young man wants to approach her.

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